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About us



Sumer,  was established in 2014 in the Republic of Iraq, as an engineering and fabrication company. The owners of the business started in the 1990's as a commercial entity to provide imported equipment for the leading companies in water treatment and construction industries in governmental projects.

Our previous knowledge and experience enabled us to becoming a manufacturing company in the area of water and wastewater treatment plants, acting as a one stop shop starting with our consultancy and advice before moving to manufacturing, transportation, installation and commissioning of such plants.  The type of water treatment plants range from COMPACT WATER TREATMENT PLANTS, REVERSE OSMOSIS PLANTS and OPEN WATER TREATMENT PLANTS.  please refer to our previous projects page on this website

SUMER also manufactures Lamilla Sedimentation Sheets and Nozzles.  However, we also represent a number manufacturers as their agents in the Europe and the region.  These include pump manufacturers, electrolysis chlorine production systems, plant accessories, motors, valves, compressors, actuators, valves . etc.  For further details please refer to Our Partners Page on this site

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