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To work out the required size of the Sodium Hypochlorite Generator, the following will need to be obtaines:

1)       Daily production of the water treatment plant in cubic meters

2)      Average daily production hours

3)      Average dosage of chlorine (grm) per Cubic Meter of water

The example below gives us the following:

1)      Daily production = 400,000 m3/a-day

2)      Daily Production Hours = 20 hours

3)      Average chlorine dosage = 8grm(chlorine)/per 1 cubic meter of water

400,000 m3 / 20 hours = 20,000 m3/per hour

20,000 m3 water x 20 grm = 160,000 grm per hour

We need a system that is capable of producing 160,000 grm per hour

Ie, 160 kg of chlorine per hour

As our biggest system produces 50 kg per hour, this means we will need 3 x generators

How much salt is required:

As we need 3kg of salt to produce 1 Kg of chlorine

Therefore we need hourly quantity of salt of  160k of chlorine x 3kg salt = 480kg of salt

Therefore we will need a daily amount of salt of  480k x 20 = 9600kg of salt (9.6 ton) a day

It is recommended that an amount enough for one operation is available, therefore, we will need 9.6ton of salt x 30 days = 288 tons

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